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Customer experience marketing or Cx marketing is transforming healthcare as we know it. HCP customer journey mapping comprises a mix of omnichannel engagement of pharma industries to healthcare professionals (HCPs), pharmacists and patients alike. This omnichannel marketing in healthcare is responsible for marketing automation in the HCP customer journey. As a medical communication company, our goal is to offer our clients a dynamic 365 marketing, which includes creating customer personas, brainstorming customer-centric approaches through multiple touchpoints and reusing content strategies that will help the organization garner customer interest and boost long-term community building.


Our animation and creative teams help to improve and modify the content to produce impactful and pertinent pieces that most effectively highlight the client’s interest in patient communication in healthcare. In order to create better impressions of the designs, we aid in adaptations to local and regional artworks.

Customer Experience in Healthcare
HCP Patient Communication


We assist in drafting periodic emailers that help the audience maintain engagement throughout their customer journey. With the help of continuous learning modules, we help impart training to pharmacists, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and field forces.


For healthcare professionals (HCPs), pharmacists and nurses, we create healthcare professional engagement through our continuing medical education (CME) programs, iPad gamification and monthly newsletters. The engagement of HCPs in the pharma sector maintains their interest throughout their relationships with the industry.

Omnichannel HCP Engagement

Client iPad Solutions

  • Paperless congress
  • Portable medical information application
  • Large volume conversion and localisation
  • Interactive patient case study
  • Interactive games
  • Patient testimonials
  • iPad training solutions
  • iPad event solutions
  • iPad visual aid application
  • Innovative educational workshop app
  • Cloud-based platform (KOL engagement)

Wide Range of iPad Files/Apps Development

  • Native app using XCode and Objective C
  • Native app using HTML conversion
  • Native app using Adobe Air
  • Web applications


Development Technology

  • In-house software engineering personnel
  • In-house creative services
  • In-house dedicated QA team


Internal iPad Training Solutions

  • Annotated clinical reprint repository
  • 3D Heart/Eye: Interactive detailing and education
  • Conversion from flash-based eLearning to HTML5
HCP Marketing Solutions
Developing eModules for HCPs


e-Learning modules simplify internal and external organisation techniques, operations and understanding of a drug or procedure. With a variety of modules on training, new drug pharmacology, pathophysiology, brand information, drug development and process orientation, we provide highly scientific, digitally interactive and medically proven content in the form of teasers and videos.


Adapting an omnichannel marketing strategy has helped organisations witness an improvement in customer lifecycle journeys. Omnichannel HCP engagement and marketing focuses on integrating information, communications and technology while at the same time managing patient data through digital channels. Omnichannel automation improves customer engagement and contact resolution.

Omnichannel HCP Engagement


With the help of patient education leaflets, user guidance videos and print material, we have supported many pharma industries with various patient support programs. omnichannel patient communication materials focuses on hospital support services, organising patient support groups, psychological aid packs, financial guidelines and many others.

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