Search for an opportunity to entrepreneurship

The search for a better opportunity to explore her entrepreneurial skills is what brought Sylvia Hii from Malaysia to India. And it’s her love for Bengaluru and her ability to embrace varied cultures that keeps her here. The founder and vice-president (marketing) of Di...

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Words of wisdom by women entrepreneurs

Inspiring quotes for Budding women entrepreneurs from Women entrepreneurs who made it big in the startup industry Women have always handled the two extremes so well. From being a mother to being a high level professional they have always played all the

Are you ready for 50:50?

What does it mean to be a woman? To be a woman means personifying the great feminine essence – being a creator of life. Unfortunately, with various different interpretations of womanhood, society tends to categorise women; she is traditional, modern, feminist, liberal, c...

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Struggling to be happy

It’s ironic how when asked to write about something, only then do we sit and reflect upon the true meaning of the word. My quest for inspiration took me to the internet, on which I stumbled upon an interesting fact worthy of mention. The mentions of the word ‘happiness...


The road ahead for pharma communication

The revolution of digital communication is what’s going to drive the future commercial model pharma companies, allowing for more flexibility and increased customer touch points.

We are at a time where we find the digital world and healthcare converging. Advances made i...


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